Key Stage Overview

All primary age groups will be taught the nine subjects of the National Curriculum; English, Mathematics, Science, Technology (including Information and Communication Technology (ICT)), Geography, Art, Music and Physical Education, Social Studies, Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK) and Home Economics.

The programmes of study for English and mathematics will be delivered daily and developed to ensure children learn the essential basic skills necessary in order for them to succeed when they move on to the secondary phase of their education.

Other areas; science, ICT, music and physical education will also appear on the school timetable on a weekly basis. The remaining aspects of the curriculum; Geography, Art, Social Studies, Home Economics and CRK are taught through focused topics, mapped out to take place throughout the school year. The application of skills in ICT will also be delivered through other subjects of the curriculum.

Key Stage 1 Age (5-7)

Here at Ecole Cherrywood we believe education is about the development of the whole person. We know that KS1 is a crucial stage in a child’s school life. It is a time when good learning habits are developed, a love (or not!) of education is established and children begin to recognise their own strengths and weaknesses. We aim to provide a fun environment where children learn through first hand concrete experience and play and start to take responsibility for their own learning.

Personal, Social and Emotional education – is central to our work at Ecole Cherrrywood. In KS1 we focus heavily on being responsible, positive members of our community. Children are taught to recognise their own strengths and how they can contribute to society. They are explicitly taught about making good choices and the importance of taking responsibility of their own actions. They are encouraged to have a positive attitude towards their own learning.

Key Stage 2 Age (7-11)

The final four years at Ecole Cherrywood are designed to prepare our young Children to go on to be good, responsible citizens ready to meet the challenges of secondary school and beyond.