Nursery Stage (Age 3-4)

Ecole Cherrywood Nursery provides a warm, happy and constructive introduction to education for 3 and 4 year olds, in a safe environment whilst embracing the life of the whole school. Our Nursery is divided into two activity rooms plus an outside play area. Children are divided into 2 groups of approximately 15 in each group, each with a qualified teacher in charge, supported by two assistants.
The educational focus is on structured play but includes first steps in reading, writing, numeracy and ICT, as well as laying the basic foundations for other areas of learning. In this way Nursery plays a vital part in preparing the children for the schooling to come.
Our staff work closely with parents and carers to provide a safe and secure environment where children feel confident to explore their interests.
Children are prepared for the reception class through the six main areas of learning. These include: Language and Literacy, Mathematical Development, Physical Development, Personal and Social Development, Knowledge and understanding the world and Expressive art and Design.
Our approach equips the children with the necessary tools they’ll need in the reception class. These includes:

  • acquisition of skills,
  • interests in learning and
  • love of learning.