Stage 1 (Age 1-2 Years)

At Ecole Cherrywood, we know that your child will still need the physical contact and emotional support that they will have become accustomed to from home. Each child will have a key person who will support them, and you throughout the toddler stage and beyond.

The Toddler stage 1 introduces them to a more structured day, which will involve activities that will encourage language development and participation. For example, children in this age group have constant access to activities that promote fine manipulative skills such as play dough, sand, bubbles and painting activities.

Heuristic play is a very important element of our curriculum. It encourages children to explore, discover and learn during activities that flow at their own pace. During heuristic play there is no right or wrong and children are able to make mistakes, take risks and reflect and see cause and effect.

Children in Toddler stage 1 begin to develop awareness of others and the staff support each child in developing key skills such as sharing, taking turns and empathy.

Stage 2 (Age 2-3 Years)

Children who are ready for the next step will move into this room around their 2nd birthday. This decision will completely depend on each child’s individual development.

Children’s learning is supported by a key person who observes each child’s development through their chosen activities. Their role is then to plan activities that will encourage their development, therefore creating opportunities for the ‘next step’.

Children in this Toddler stage 2 have constant access to the ’great outdoors’. We have a vast play area surrounding which offers opportunities for:

  • quiet reflection
  • imaginative play
  • physical play
  • exploring the senses
  • observation of living things within the environment
  • creative play